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Lessing's Food Service Management

Colleges & Universities

When it comes to College Dining Programs, Lessing’s has created an environment that suits any taste. From fresh-made pizza to customized salads and delicious hot foods, each student will find something to enjoy each day. Lessing’s with its commitment to the entire school body prides itself on freshness, a flexible dining program, and satisfying our guests appetite...on a daily basis.



Lessing’s, with over a 100 years of experience celebrating families realizes the importance of good healthy meals for children. Our services include in-house dining programs, delivery service programs (to certain areas), catering events, and vending applications where needed.


A Commitment to Quality

In today's climate where people are educated "Foodies", Lessing's continues to be on the forefront of innovation in providing great food to our customers. It's at the heart of everything we do at Lessing's...and it's exactly what you would expect from a sixth generation, family owned-and-operated business. We do all this with the same commitment to quality and excellence that Maxwell Lessing founded the business on more than a century ago.

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Creating Efficient Solutions
for a Better Tomorrow

As a family owned business, Lessing’s is committed to preserving our children’s earth by continuously finding new ways to manage waste. We also are finding new and innovative ways to manage and create more efficient systems of operations of training and educating. This starts with the management team and trickles down throughout our staff.

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Our Nutritionist, Lisa Suriano

Did You Know?

Eating slowly prevents overeating. Our brain needs time to receive the sensors from our stomach that tells us it’s full.



Are you tired of the
same food service?

Are you tired of the same old food service in your school or office? Please contact us so we can work on a food service solution.

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