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Lessing's Hospitality

Every day we celebrate our oceans, but on June 8th, World Oceans Day, we would like to shine a little more light on the ways in which we can all help protect our oceans for future generations. Below are some of the ways in which our company is raising awareness and working towards a cleaner, safer ocean.


In the summer of 2018, Lessing’s Hospitality Group joined the international movement and went “strawless” in an effort to help preserve our oceans. Today we only offer 100% compostable straws, purchased locally from @thelipaperstrawgirl, available by request.

Naked Turtle Rum #SaveTheTurtles

Naked Turtle Rum

In the summer of 2018, all of our restaurants began offering a specialty cocktail made with Naked Turtle Rum. For every bottle of Naked Turtle Rum sold, a sea turtle is saved. We’ve partnered with Naked Turtle Rum to help promote awareness and draw attention to our #SkipTheStraw campaign. Just $1 can save an estimated two endangered sea turtles. Next time you’re choosing a cocktail, choose one that makes a difference.

Seatuck Oyster Recycling

We’ve collaborated with Half Shells for Habitat, Seatuck Environmental Association, and the Town of Brookhaven Recycling Center in an effort to recycle our used oyster shells and in turn, benefit our marine ecosystem by stabilizing our shoreline and restoring our shellfish population. Oyster shells from View Restaurant are collected, sanitized and then used as the perfect base to help grow new oysters. By recycling our shells, we're helping grow new ones at a faster rate than before. Once the young oysters are large enough, these and the recycled shells are returned to the sea in hopes that they will form reefs that will spawn future generations of oysters. Not to mention, just one of these oysters can filter and clean up to 50 gallons of water per day!

Oyster Recycling
Crayon Initiative

Crayon Initiative

Color a smile! Lessing’s participates in the nationwide campaign, the Crayon Initiative (www.thecrayoninitiative.org), collecting and recycling used and unwanted crayons, which are then distributed to art programs at children’s hospitals across the U.S. The campaign helps reduce the 60 million crayons discarded each year, preserve the environment, and enrich the lives of hospitalized children through art and imagination. Stop by any of our restaurants to donate your used crayons!

We hope you will join us in celebrating World Oceans Day by reducing single plastic usage and making a conscious decision to "skip the straw". Together we can all make a big impact.

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