Congratulations to Penny Belfi, Kaila La Flair, Dominique Halaby, Danielle Babcock and Chelsea Wood!

In January, we asked you to share your engagement stories for a chance to win a $125 Lessing's gift card. Your proposal stories touched our heart and we couldn't choose just one! So instead, we chose five lucky winners.

Here are their stories:

Penny Belfi
Lynbrook, NY

Every Christmas Eve my husband, my stepson and I would go for Chinese food. Two years ago after dinner, my stepson wanted me to escort him to the restroom. I stood waiting outside the door. He kept procrastinating, but I didn't think anything of it. We walked back to the table, and the bill was there with fortune cookies on our plates. I went to open mine, and as I was reading my fortune which said "Penny, will you marry me?", I looked in front of me, and he was on one knee proposing in front of the whole restaurant! It was amazing!

Kaila La Flair
Ridge, NY

May 16th 2014 around 8:30 am I woke up, and was handed a little bag and inside were letters cut out. I was asked to rearrange the letters to spell out a word that would be a clue for the gift I would receive for that bag. This fun, romantic and rewarding game continued on the hour throughout the afternoon until 4 o'clock when I left to go to my parents to get ready for what I thought was just a romantic date night. At 6:30 pm Kevin arrived in a stretch limo with the biggest bouquet of flowers in his arms and my smile was literally from ear to ear. Off we went to my favorite restaurant, and I started to think, "Could today be the day?". We arrived, the waitress brought us back to our table, and I noticed it was covered in rose petals. My heart started to pound out of my chest and at the perfect moment, Kevin got down on one knee and proposed! When we came home, he had chocolate covered strawberries, champagne and engagement scrap book essentials to create our day to cherish forever.

Dominique Halaby
Hazlet, NJ

We decided to take a trip to the Dominican Republic because we both needed a relaxing vacation and time alone together. We got to our resort, and it was the most beautiful place we had ever been to, we already didn't want to leave. It was our second night there, and he wanted to wake up early the next morning to go see the sun rise on the beach. He was all dressed up because he said "we should go to breakfast after we went to the beach." We got onto the beach and pulled 2 chairs together and watched as the sun came up. It was so beautiful! The sky was pink, blue, yellow, and orange and the perfect picture of a tropical island. After the sun came up, he turned to me and took my hands and started saying how much he loved me, and loved us together. Then he pulled out an adorable little box that was designed as Cinderella's glass slipper on a royal blue and gold pillow. He asked me if I would be his Queen forever, and asked if I would marry him. He opened the box and there was my beautiful ring! Of course I said yes! It was the biggest surprise of my life, and he made my dreams of my Cinderella Fairytale proposal come true. We are going to have an amazing Cinderella Fairytale wedding.

Danielle Babcock
Smithtown, NY

He has two kids, so we all went out east to Lewin Farms to cut down our Christmas tree. We walked around for a bit, and he kept running off (me not knowing he wanted to tell the kids and show them the ring beforehand). We found the perfect tree, and he kept asking me to cut it down. I did for about 30 seconds, and he then would do some. Finally he handed it to me, and I was getting annoyed and laughing all at the same time because it was hard. I turned around and there he was, with the two boys all down on one knee. He asked me to be his wife, they asked for me to be their stepmom! I couldn't have been more surprised and excited!

Chelsea Wood
Oakdale, NY

Michael proposed to me after 6 years of a long distance relationship. He lived in England, and I lived on Long Island. We met in 2006, when he travelled through America and met a friend of mine. For years, we spent as much time as possible flying back and forth across the Atlantic to see each other. Finally, after we had both finished college and began to work, he decided it was time for the next step. For his plan to work, he needed the help of my parents. It was Christmas time, and he was still in England, planning to visit me after Christmas. On Christmas Eve, my parents suggested I go with them to see the tree at Rockefeller Center. I wasn't thrilled to be going to Manhattan on one of the busiest and coldest days of the year, but I love everything about Christmas so of course we went to see the tree. Little did I know, Michael had flown into NYC the night before and was waiting for me in Rockefeller Centre. While I stood there, watching the ice skaters with my mom, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around, and Michael was behind me, on one knee, holding a ring. He proposed to me in front of the Rockefeller Center tree and the ice skating rink, while my parents stood near by to take pictures. He put a gorgeous ring on my finger and of course I said yes. Then he told me the jeweller where he bought my ring was only on 5th Avenue, and we could go there and have the ring sized. We walked down 5th Ave until he stopped outside of Tiffany and said that this is where the ring is from. I had two surprises that day, Michael flying from England to propose to me at one of my most favorite places in NYC, and that he picked out the perfect ring from Tiffany. We married on the south shore of Long Island on April 5th, 2013, and have been happy ever since.