A Message to All Our Guests,

These are challenging times and now, more than ever, the comfort, health and safety of our guests and employees is our primary concern.

Lessing’s Hospitality Group was founded in 1890, recently celebrating 130 years. Our company has survived the Spanish Flu, the Great Depression, World War I and II, 9/11, and Hurricane Sandy. We have learned to pivot, to change and adjust our operations through the years. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, our past demonstrates that we can and will adapt and evolve our best practices accordingly, keeping you safe.

Please read below to learn more about the best practices we’ve put into place.

Our Commitment to You

Safety and sanitation were already key tenets of our operating plans. In light of Covid-19 we have implemented additional processes to help protect the safety of our guests and team members. In light of current events, we commit to the following:

  • Conducting a health screening for every employee and vendor entering our building
  • Not allowing a sick employee to work
  • Ensuring that all employees wear face coverings and clean gloves
  • Mandating that all employees wash their hands frequently throughout their shift
  • Encouraging proper social distancing between employees and Guests
  • Educating our employees daily with updated information and practices
  • Providing hand sanitizer throughout the restaurant for Guests and employees to use
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the restrooms, kitchen, common surfaces and high touch areas on a rotating basis throughout the day
  • Using only disposable paper menus and single use condiments at our restaurants
  • Installed HEPA air filters in our air conditioning units in our restaurants. These filters are specifically designed to remove even the smallest particles from the air, including airborne pathogens such as the coronavirus.
  • Enacting table distancing measures in dining outlets to ensure alignment with local requirements
  • Adhering to all State, County, and City regulations and guidelines

In return, we ask you, our Guests to commit to us as well:

  • Following social distancing protocols and signage
  • Wearing your face covering when not seated at your table
  • Using proper cough and sneeze etiquette
  • Washing and sanitizing your hands

Together, by making these agreements, we can continue our 130-year tradition of innovation and excellence providing unique restaurant concepts, exclusive wedding venues, distinctive catering, and skillfully executed food service management, and at the same time keep everyone safe.

We look forward to serving and celebrating with you, once again.


For events with dancing, the COVID-19 Compliance Form will be required for entry.

Download Form (PDF)

We understand that these have been anxious and challenging times for our Guests. Our goal is to support and guide you, to listen to your concerns, and to help you make the best decisions so your event or celebration can run as smoothly as possible. To help alleviate some of the fear and apprehension, we will encourage all Guests to discuss any specific requests, suggestions, or ideas with their sales manager. We want you to know we are more than happy and willing to work with you in whatever way necessary to make sure that you and everyone attending your event feels safe and comfortable so to fully enjoy your special moment.

Cleanliness has always been a top priority for us as we are dedicated to the health, safety, and happiness of our clients. However, in light of the current conditions we are taking our cleaning protocol and precautions to an even higher level. Further, since aesthetics and décor play a huge part in our business, our goal is to be discreet, yet highly effective, in our efforts. Our intention is for us to create a safe environment for our clients and guests with as little disruption as possible. This means getting creative, being innovative, and being open to new ideas.

Our new protocol will include the following:

Before and after events:

  • All chairs and tables will be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at all entrances and rooms throughout our venues
  • We continue to evaluate how best to determine menus. We are always willing to take plated lunch or dinner orders in advance, and we are researching contactless ordering as well as the safest self-serve options

During events:

  • All surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized periodically throughout each event, including bars, food stations, tables, chairs, and other high contact surfaces
  • Guests will have the option of traditional china and glassware or single use luxury utensils and plateware. With traditional china, we will explain our cleaning and sanitizing process in detail to clients as needed
  • For the entire duration of events, we will appoint a dedicated Safety Manager to ensure all precautions are being upheld to our strict standards and according to a detailed checklist
  • Our bathroom attendant will spray down stalls after each use using electrostatic disinfectant and provide single use disposable hand towels
  • Clients will have the option for customized masks for guests and staff as a paid upgrade. We will adhere to all mandates and recommendations at the State and local level

Staff protocol:

  • Before each shift, every employee will have their temperature checked and screened for symptoms. If they do not pass the screening, they will not be allowed to work until they are symptom-free or cleared by a doctor
  • All employees, including our culinary team, will wear face coverings throughout the duration of their shift
  • Hand washing between every glove and mask change will be mandatory
  • All staff will have hand sanitizer on them at all times for them to use frequently throughout their shift
  • All employees, including our maintenance teams, will receive focused retraining on New Standard of Safety

Looking ahead:

We are committed to staying up to date on the latest sanitization technology to alleviate worry and allow for events run as smoothly as possible. With this said, we are exploring options with regard to safety, effectiveness, implementation, and cost. These options include disinfectant through HVAC system/ air quality control or through a fog machine, application and installation of UVC lighting, and self-cleaning and electrostatic distribution technology.

Thank you for your commitment to hold your event with us. We are truly grateful, and we look forward to providing you with remarkable service, outstanding food, and memories to last a lifetime.


A message to our valued hotel guests:

When you choose to spend a night away from home, you want to feel welcomed and comfortable in your overnight environment. In these challenging times, when you stay at the Three Village Inn, we want you to feel confident in the cleanliness and safety of your surroundings. In normal circumstances, we pride ourselves on the quality and care you would experience with us. Now, even more so, your health and safety and our team's are our number one priority.

If you've visited with us before, you might notice a few differences. We've taken our previous levels of service, standards of quality & cleanliness and added additional steps to ensure the safety and well-being of all our guests.

Please read below to better understand the best practices we've implemented throughout our property. If you still have questions, we encourage you to reach out so we can satisfy your every need.

Our "Remarkable Hospitality" Safety Initiatives

With guidance from world-wide hospitality organizations and in congruence with federal, state, and municipality regulations, we have enhanced our procedures to include the following

  • Prior to arrival, guests will be asked if they would like to discuss personal preferences on service levels and interaction with our team
  • Employee health screenings, including temperature checks, are in place for each of our staff members
  • Hand sanitizing stations can be found at the entrance of our hotel and are available throughout our facility
  • As required by the state of New York, Guests must wear a face covering in shared spaces, such as entering or exiting the main building. If a Guest does not have his or her own covering, we will be happy to provide a disposable face mask
  • We will offer disinfecting wipes and travel-size hand sanitizer to each guest at check-in, subject to product availability
  • Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as face coverings and gloves are worn by all employees throughout the hotel, based on their positions and responsibilities
  • Extensive health and safety training measures have been put in place for all employees, including the correct procedures for wearing PPE, social distancing awareness, and proper cleaning and sanitizing techniques
  • All vendors undergo a health screening prior to entering our facility or beginning work
  • Significant increases in regular disinfection are conducted across all hotel areas
  • All cleaning chemicals that we use are EPA approved to disinfect or sanitize from bacteria and viruses
  • We have increased the cleaning rotation of air handling and fan coil units, as well as regular maintenance and filter changes
  • Increased cleaning is also in place for all hard surfaces throughout hotel public areas and in guest rooms focusing on frequently used elements such as door handles and countertops
  • Increased anti-viral disinfection measures are in place for all in room soft furnishings and surfaces
  • Guest room bedding and linens are cleaned and changed daily and bagged in the guest room to reduce excess contact
  • Laundry, bedding and linens are washed at sufficiently high temperatures on site to ensure sterilization
  • On property restaurants follow all table distancing measures to ensure alignment with local requirements

To make your stay and the stay of your fellow Guests most enjoyable, we ask that you too, adhere to social distancing guidelines and follow the regulations put forth at our hotel and by the State and County. If you are uncertain about any of our guidelines, please ask so we can ensure your comfort and confidence in us.

Welcome to The Three Village Inn, we look forward to providing you with remarkable service & hospitality in a safe environment.



At each of our Lessing's Food Service Management facilities, we are taking every precaution to ensure that we are providing a safe and healthy environment for our Guests. We have made procedural changes and increased our cleanliness and sanitation practices, in accordance with all State, County, and City regulations. In addition, we take the best practices and recommendations from the guidelines presented by the FDA, CDC, and National Restaurant Association:

  • Eliminating all self-service stations and replacing with pre-packaged options
  • Reconfiguring stations to ensure no cross-contamination
  • Increasing frequency of handwashing
  • Increasing frequency of sanitizing food prep and customer contact stations
  • Increasing frequency of janitorial services
  • Changing gloves frequently
  • Regularly sanitizing credit card machines and cash register surfaces
  • Briefing staff daily on techniques, updates, or changes

In addition, the CDC recommends that everyone adheres to certain guidelines to avoid contracting the virus. These include taking the following precautions:

  • Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes, with unwashed hands, as much as possible.
  • Practice social distancing. Maintain six feet between you and people who are not members of your immediate household.
  • Wear a face covering over your nose and mouth in public settings where social distancing is not possible to maintain.
  • Avoid close contact (kissing or sharing eating utensils) with people who are sick.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or the inside crook of your elbow.
  • STAY HOME when you are sick and do not return to school/work until you are fever-free for at least 72 hours without using fever-reducing medication.

As always, please know that the health and safety of our team and clients is one of our top priorities. We will continue to update you as additional information becomes available.