Lessing's Emergency Dining and Food Service

Lessing's Emergency Dining and Food Service division is ready and able to distribute
food at a moment's notice. From dry-food pantry boxes to prepared meals and contactless deliveries,
Lessing's has the means and logistical knowledge to tackle any situation.

Emergency Capabilities

Lessing's has the infrastructure and personnel to deliver food to any location, at any time based upon the needs of the situation. We can prepare meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner either hot or cold, or in dry form for home preparation.

Food Safety

The Lessing's Emergency Dining and Food Service division prides itself on leading the industry standard in food safety. Utilizing the ServSafe ® standards, we ensure proper packaging, temperature controls, and employee health and safety.


Lisa Suriano is Lessing's certified nutritionist, holding a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Food Science. Lisa is responsible for creating meals to meet any organization's nutritional specifications while including all USDA requirements.

Emergency Solutions

Lessing's can find a solution to any problem. Natural disasters, pandemics, and socioeconomic shortfalls all require different solutions to meet the needs of the people who are affected most. From feeding our most food-insecure neighbors to feeding essential workers, to feeding those in need due to a hurricane, the Lessing's Emergency Dining and Food Service team can be deployed a moment's notice.


  • New York City - delivered over 200,000 dry-food pantry boxes, each containing nine meals, to food-insecure families during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic
  • Island Harvest Food Bank - helped produce and distribute over 150,000 pre-made meals to food-insecure children across Long Island during the summer of 2020
  • American Red Cross - Lessing's is a proud preferred partner of the American Red Cross, always ready and willing to be called into action when needed

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